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11 February 2007 @ 03:00 pm
Fic: Reality is on the other side of the fence 08/??  
Ten pages long... I hope I'm making someone happy.


Chapter VIII: The Village

The sun had barely come out and Ronon decided to walk out of the room before the rest of the team. There was no one in the hallway, or the kitchen. But a door to the balcony was open. He stepped into the balcony and found Ilona sitting on the border of the balcony. Her feet were dangling, and once out she turned to look at Ronon. “Hello,” Ilona said.

Ronon gave her a nod and walked towards the girl and sat down besides her. They stayed silent for a while, until Ilona glanced at Ronon. “Is it true that you were a Runner?”


“You must have fought with hundreds of Wraith.”

“You could say that,” Ronon said hiding a smirk.

“That is very impressive. I can not wait for the season to be over, so I’ll be able to fight them myself.”

Ronon frowned. “Aren’t you a little young?”

Ilona stared at Ronon. “Young? I’ve been training since I was a child. Those who are selected to become Watchers are taught the skills to defeat a Wraith in hand to hand combat while they’re still children.”

“Is that what your brother and sister are; Watchers?”

Ilona nodded, but before she could say anything else Gregos voice was heard from the door, “We watch and protect our people.”

Ronon turned and stood up. He couldn’t believe that he didn’t sense Gregos arriving. Gregos glanced at Ilona and ordered her something in their speech. Ilona stood up and walked inside the house.

Once the girl was gone Ronon said, “We were just talking.”

“I know. I just wanted a quick word.”

Ronon nodded and Gregos walked out to the balcony. “Why did you ally yourself to them?”

Ronon was amused by the question, although he didn’t show it. “What do you mean?”

Gregos stepped in closer to Ronon. “Well, you do not dress like they do. And you said last night that you were a Runner until recently. So, why are you with them?”

“They are the reason I’m no longer running.” Ronon said without hesitation.

“Is there anything about them that I should worry about?”

Ronon frowned. “Why do you ask me? I could be a traitor among the team.”

Gregos leaned against the wall. “You are the hardest to read, and it is people like you I am accustomed to dealing with. Yes, you and your team might be conspiring against us, but I was very serious when I said that we do not tolerate deception.”

Ronon smirked. “You have nothing to worry about.”

At that moment, there was some noise inside the house and Gregos turned around and walked in. Ronon followed him and found the rest of the team in the kitchen. Colonel Sheppard was looking out a nearby window, while looking worried, “Are you sure Rodney?”

Rodney was getting a plate of weird looking fruits from Ilona, who was giving Rodney her most winning smile. He just gave her a small polite smile and looked at the Colonel, “Why would I lie about something like that? It tasted like cherries.”

“Are you sure?”

“Believe me, if it was citrus, I would have screamed before you said anything.”

“Mine tasted like grapefruit, and I don’t want you having allergic reactions if we’re out in the woods.”

Teyla stood near Sheppard watching the scene unfold. “Mine tasted like grapes John; it might be possible it was not just one flavor.”

Ronon saw Gregos smile. “It varies from person to person, is a recipe we’ve had for ages. Said that our fathers themselves created it.”

John relaxed, Rodney grabbed a fruit and Teyla sat besides Rodney. They ate in silence, until Gregos announced that they should arrive at the village before midday.

Ronon looked at the siblings, while he waited to leave. Gregos was in full gear; his pair of daggers was secured on his back. His clothes were simple yet practical. The same was for Ilona and Ilu.

Ilona wore pants just like the ones Ilu was wearing, but instead of a leather shirt, she had a piece that looked more like a vest. That’s when he noticed the little symbol on their clothes. It was almost like a triangle, but not quite, and then it had three circles around it.
Ilu had waited until the last moment to walk out of her room. She walked straight to the balcony where she grabbed what looked like a rope and went out and down the house without saying a word.

Once everyone had climbed down from the house, and after many protests from Rodney they were heading towards the village.

They walked in silence until they reached the village. Ronon felt strange, but not in a bad way. This village, even if it wasn’t technologically advanced, they certainly had other qualities. It was different, while other planets people look scared and frail; these were proud and showed no fear. Every man was armed to the teeth, and half the women dressed just like Ilu. Ronon assumed that it was to distinguish Watchers from civilians. The women were also armed, some with swords others had daggers. Only a few of the men had weapons that looked like Ilu’s gun. The children were different too.

There were some youngsters running around acting just like kids. While others just stood still as they passed, the kids were probably in the same level Ilona was. They inspected the team and talked amongst themselves.

The place was on the edge of the forest, most of the houses where on the trees while others were scattered around the place. Forming a semi circle, Ilu and Ilona broke from the group and into the village. Ilona didn’t look happy; she had spent the whole trip trying to get Rodney’s attention. But Gregos looked at his sister said something and Ilona walked away towards Ilu. Gregos turned to look at the team, “We will join them later. Now, follow me.”

There was a group of old but not so frail looking people gathering on the centre of the village. Gregos moved towards them and started talking. Ronon listened carefully, even if he didn’t understand one word he could at least be aware of their body language. For that one, he needed no translator. At the moment the group looked like half was interested on what Gregos was saying and half was more interested on inspecting the new comers. One of the younger looking men in the group responded to Gregos, and then the warrior just nodded and walked back to the team. “They have issues to attend and will meet you later. But they have allowed me to show you around. Come on.”

Gregos lead them towards the biggest house on the ground. There, a group of old, but not so frail people were sitting on a round table. The meeting with the elders was short; it consisted on only making the introductions and the promise of a more thorough meeting later.

Gregos then lead them through a narrow road out of the village. As they went in further the place turned more unusual. The road took them around a hill and down. After the village was out of sight, they could finally see some very high mountain, but strangely the trees were scarce in this part of the planet. Long fields of nothing ran from the hill they were standing on to all the way into the horizon.

The trek was long but the ground made it easier, after and hour of walking Gregos focused their attention on the fields. As they step in further, long black things appeared in the distance. As they got closer, Gregos said, “Those are the old ruins.”

Ronon looked at the things once more. Now they really looked like ruins, the ruins of a very old and advanced looking city. There were still buildings standing, others were cut in half or almost completely destroyed. And everything looked like it had happened a long time ago. Most of the buildings were black, but they still had a glow that made them look like black mirrors.

Ronon stopped to look at the place, the rest of the group stopped with him. He turned to look at Gregos. “Why don’t you use the city?”

“The buildings are not stable, and we feel that the Watchers can do a better job by using the forest. In here we are out in the open, and far from the ring.” Gregos replied, and then he decided to continue, “Besides, we have what we need in our village. We concentrate in the here and now, because our future might disappear in an instant.”

“Have you ever seen people or things in there?” Sheppard asked.

Gregos frowned. “There is no knowledge in our history that someone has ever lived there.”

Rodney put his hand in the air and asked, “Can we go and take a closer look?”


“I’m just curious; I want to see what’s inside.”

“Why?” Gregos asked in a firmer tone.

“Because there are things we might recognize as we…” Rodney said rather quickly. Teyla decided to cut him off. “Gregos, we have gone many places and to meet a race that makes underground hideouts like yours is really interesting. Even if those people are gone, we might be able to replicate what they did and save millions in this galaxy.”

Ronon was glad Teyla intervened, she always had an ability to talk to people and he admired her for that.

“We promise we just want to have a quick look around.” The Colonel finished.

Gregos seemed to think about it and then nodded. “Okay, but it must be quick. We still have a long way to get to the hideouts.”

Sheppard smiled. “In and out, I promise.”

“Then come this way.” Gregos lead them away from the road and to the shattered buildings. He lead them towards the first building in their path, it was the only one that was still practically intact. The building was tall, almost 20 stories tall. There were no visible windows, but as they got closer they realized that if light hit the building in a certain way you could see the insides. The doors were shattered; they looked to be black like the building. The insides made it seem that they were made of stone.

As the team walked in the building, there was a sense of death and decay around. The place had a small lobby, but nothing else. The group was silent for a while; Teyla had taken out the video camera and was recording everything. Then they walked further into the building, finding a room that was as black as the exterior of the place. It had a large table in the center of the room. Rodney took out his energy reading equipment and scanned the room. “There is something here.”

Gregos frowned. “What?”

“I don’t know,” Rodney walked around the room and turned on his flashlight. Then he continued, “It’s very faint, but it seems to be coming from this table.”

The table was large and square. It had some symbols etched on the surface borders. John turned to Gregos. “Do you know what that means?”

Gregos shook his head. “No, we never come here. All we know about this place is what I already told you. We do not have the knowledge or the necessary equipment to meddle with a place such as this.”

John then turned and glanced at Ronon, “What about you?”

Ronon shook his head. “No, all of this is completely new for me.”

John then walked towards Rodney. “Can you tell us what it is?”

“No. The thing started blinking when I tried to find somewhere to connect my equipment, but this is like nothing I’ve ever seen before.”

John stood up straight and then said, “Ok, just leave it. We can…” but Rodney cut him off. “We can’t leave this now!”

“Rodney, we still have places to go, why don’t we wait until at least the tour is over?”

“That could have something.” Rodney said pointing at the table. But Sheppard turned and looked straight to Rodney. “And the blinking will still be there when they finish showing us around. Come on.”

Gregos then moved towards the exit. “We should go now. I don’t want nighttime to catch us on the outskirts of the village. I can handle Wraiths, but there are some animals on this side that are beyond my skills.”

“Are we safe now?” Ronon asked.

“Yes, but our destination is far away and days are short this time of the season.”

The Colonel nodded and they all followed Gregos back to the road. Rodney kept looking at his scanners but said nothing. Once back in the road Gregos looked at Ronon, “Is that a handmade sword?”

“Yes.” Ronon replied as he took out his sword.

“I imagined so, may I?” Gregos asked as he looked at the sword. Ronon eyed Gregos and then handed the sword to the Watcher. Then he said, “The blade is metal from a Wraith ship, and the handle is the bones of a particularly nasty Wraith.”

Gregos moved the blade testing its weight and handle. “Is very light, good for quick fights…” Then the Warrior straightened his arm measuring the length of the blade. Then Gregos stared at it in silence and handed back it to Ronon. “Is a little rough, but well done.”


Gregos kept walking while Ronon fell a bit behind as he placed the sword back on its sheath. Colonel Sheppard and Teyla walked to his own pace beside him.

“People around here just live as if the Wraith are nothing more than one more pest they have to deal with. But more importantly; they are not afraid.” Teyla said softly.

Rodney walked near the group and added, “Wouldn’t that make them overconfident about their abilities? What happens the day they can’t fight back?”

John bit his lip and replied, “No more villages to protect.”

Ronon didn’t say a word; the place looked like the perfect place for a Runner to live in. But he knew for sure that when the time comes, and the Wraith gets tired of the little training camp the whole society will die.

They continued their walk in silence. It was well past midday when they arrived at the underground hideouts. The place was at the bottom of a mountainside. They knew where it was because there was a black shimmering door in front of them. That looked to be made of the same materials the buildings in the ruins were made.

Gregos opened it up and walked inside. The team followed close to Gregos as they looked around. The insides of the “hideout” resembled almost a windowless palace. The place had high ceilings, long hallways, big open spaces and lots of doors leading towards individual rooms. The team had to just leave their mouths open, as John broke the silence. “This is no ordinary bunker.”

Ronon moved away looking around at the place, which seemed to have its own source of light. “You can say that again.”

Gregos showed them the main areas and once finished they gathered by the main doors. Teyla was the first to talk. “This is impressive Gregos, it is no wonder your people have survived for so long.”

“How do you get your water while you’re here?” Sheppard asked curiously.

“There’s an underground stream that runs straight through the middle of the compound.” Gregos responded quickly.

“How do you know when it’s safe to get out of here?” It was Rodney’s time to question.

“We don’t, usually some of the Watchers will stay outside and will warn us when the danger is gone. But other times we just have to wait and…

Ronon cut him off, “Just see who waits the longest.”

Gregos nodded to Ronon and then smiled. “We give thanks everyday to our fathers, who found this place. But we must leave, there is one more thing I want to show you before you leave.”

Quietly they made it out of the hideout, and then instead of using the trail they came by, Gregos used another road to their right. They were beginning to feel tired and the trek was made in silence. But before Rodney could ask how much they farther had to walk, they arrived at the edge of the forest. It was a clearing that resembled the one where the gate was. But instead, there were two stone altars. On top of them there was something that looked very much like coffins made of stone.

Gregos turned to the team and said, “Please meet Alxy and Farris, these are our fathers and those who founded this place for us to live in.”

John walked towards the altars followed closely by Ronon. Ronon was looking around the clearing, sometimes at the trees. Teyla glanced at Gregos. “Why is this place unprotected? If the wraith manages to get here, there is no need to keep this planet as a training ground.”

Gregos smirked, “Who said that it was unprotected?” He followed to shout in his native language. This almost created a chain reaction as replies on their language were heard from all around the forest edge.

“Nice plan.” John said a bit impressed.


“Why do you need us? You seem to have it all here, and not to mention you are very well protected.” Ronon asked curiously.

“As I said before, we only trade when we feel is worth it. Medicine is not our strongest points and we can always use more friends.”

Rodney frowned and crossed his arms. “Is that your decision to make?”

“Rodney!” John snapped.

“No! There are “elders” in the village, but all we’ve done is talk to him.”

Gregos looked at the Colonel and said, “Do not worry, I understand his concern. I am the leader of the Watchers; leadership of the group is hereditary. And both the start of my lineage is lying right in front of you. The elders still have high regards to those direct descendants of our fathers. It will still be their decision to contradict me, but they know that most of the time I choose our allies wisely.”

“Have you ever been wrong?” Teyla asked

“Yes, I am only human.” Gregos then looked at the sky and back at the team. “What better way to know your intentions than by taking you out here? I just showed you the places we use the least, to monitor your behavior.”

“You were testing us?” John asked as he frowned.

“Pretty much. We’ve done it before and managed to keep our people safe away from scavengers.” Gregos stopped allowing the team to digest what he just said, and then he continued. “Come on, we should go back, it’s going to be dark soon.”

The team followed Gregos back to the village, walking through a different road lead them quickly to the village. They arrived in a clear area that had two houses. In the middle there was a circle, where two boys were fighting with wooden swords.

The team looked at the boys for a moment, seeing how they mimicked almost every move. Until the shortest one, crouched on the ground and slammed his wooden sword on the other boy’s legs; making the boy fall.

After this Ilona walked out of one of the houses and greeted her brother. Then she looked at the team and waved. “Hey!”

Behind Ilona, Ilu appeared. She nodded at the team, and looked to be less defensive about their presence. She said something quickly to Gregos, and before he could reply a large man with long hair ran towards the Watcher leader. They spoke quickly and quietly, but Ronon knew that something was off and he saw it in Gregos eyes.


Gregos replied to the man and he took off, then Gregos glanced at Ilona and said, “Ilona get inside.”


Sheppard walked closer to Gregos, “What is going on?”

“I need to investigate some visitors that just arrived through the gate. You can stay here if you like but we need to go.”

Ilona looked angry, “I can help!”

Gregos just glared at the young girl, “Ilona, I’m not saying it again.” Then he turned around. “Ilu!”

She was already ahead of him, as she started sprinting towards the forest trails in direction towards the gate.

That didn’t settle well with anyone on the team, and Ronon was ahead of them. He just followed Ilu before the Colonel could stop him and disappeared into the forest.


Gregos was already on his way towards the forest, the team jogged behind trying to keep up. But it was only Teyla who managed to keep with the man.

John had slowed down waiting for Rodney. But they managed to arrive near the gate clearing pretty quickly. They were close enough to see who had arrived to the planet. But what John saw stopped him in his tracks. There were dark creatures hovering near the gate.

In a moment of fascination he then realized that he had lost Gregos and Teyla and they were nowhere to be seen. John glanced at Rodney and back at the creatures. To his surprise the creatures were all staring towards his direction. The Colonel hoped the foliage between them prevented the aliens from seeing them.

He was wrong, just as one of the creatures appeared to their side.

John acted quickly and shot the creature without a second thought. Then the creature stumbled and that gave them time to find another hiding place.

John shouted to Rodney to follow him, and they ran through the forest without going to anywhere in specific.

“What the hell are those things??” Rodney asked as he ran.

“Just run!”

It was already dark, in the blink of an eye the place had turned into pitch black darkness. Suddenly people started crying out in the distance. They weren’t the only ones in trouble. They kept running deeper into the forest; until John found a spot where he felt they could be protected. He signaled to Rodney to be quiet. Once in position, they just needed to wait.

But for some reason John felt weird as if his mood was going downhill all of the sudden. He looked around and they seemed to be alone, but John cursed.

The creatures were still out there waiting for them, he just knew it.
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katstale: Don't like gamekatstale on February 12th, 2007 09:18 am (UTC)
Yay, another chapter!! :D

Eeep, the Creepy-Critters are out there waiting for Teh Boys! Loved the way you addressed the citrus drink issue--the scene fit very nicely. And let's face it, anytime these guys argue it's always entertaining, LOL. Looking forward to seeing what happens next--bigtime! :)

So will the villagers overconfidence lead to their downfall or will they defeat the Creepy-Critters? And will the Creepy-Critters snatch our (sorta) Fearless Heroes and whisk them off to Creepy-Critter Land and do unspeakable things to them? Will Ronon and Telya be snatched up, too--or will they ride in to Teh Boys' rescue and leave nothing but Crispy-Creepy-Critters in their wake? Or will Ronon be stuck in the forest forever with Bitchy Alien-Bimbo? And after they're rescued, will the Alien-Bimbo-Babe continue to pursue poor, unsuspecting Rodney with her oh-so-tempting Fruits of Luuurrrve? (okay, maybe not so unsuspecting, but it sounded good...LOL) Or will Ronon be forced to cap her hussy little ass...ets?

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Belisse: rewardbelisse on February 13th, 2007 04:01 am (UTC)
Creepy critters?? LOL, ok thankfully this morning I wasn't eating any breakfast, because I would have choke and then dying makes one incomplete fic. Hehehehe.

Ok... I have to say this.... Crispy creepy critters??? OMG!!! That was funny. Fruits of love? Bitchy alien bimbo??? Hehehe.... cap her hussy little ass? I mean... oh dear! I have to thank you. Your reviews is what's keeping me going.

As for the citrus thing, the first time I posted this fic, the citrus thing was addressed totally different and it almost gave the chapter a different vibe. The fic I delete it from the main archives , but is still somewhere deep within the journal. So if I said something before I posted this chapter, you would have found the old version. and read it before the new and improved. I didn't want that.

So, now that this one is done, here's the link --->http://community.livejournal.com/belokys_den/10028.html#cutid1

But that's only if you want to compare it to the new one. And don't worry... the first time I Posted this fic the last chapter I posted was this one. the next one is completely new.
katstale: John look into my eyeskatstale on February 14th, 2007 04:57 am (UTC)
Aww, thanks! I'm really enjoying your story and am thrilled if my goofy reviews are making you laugh. I've honestly never done anything like this before and have no idea where it's coming from! I guess your writing is inspiring me. :D

Oooh, thanks for the link! I would definitely love to see the first version. I'll take a look tomorrow when I can think straight enough to actually comprehend it. Have had hubby home sick for two days and am totally wiped out tonight. Will get back to you about it as soon as I read tho! :D