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23 February 2007 @ 10:24 pm
Fic: REality is on the other side of the fence 09/?  
A/N: New chapter, this is not a repost from the last time. Read it and enjoy it. Feedback is welcomed.

IX. The Loony Within

The last thing Rodney remembered was the heat of the ray that hit him. It wasn’t real, that he knew, but he couldn’t shake the memory of feeling his blood boil and his skin burn into nothingness. Rodney didn’t know why, but he expected to wake up again with the tripods.

Maybe it was the wish that the nightmare would stop, at least with the tripods he would know what to do and where to go. But with each new setting the possibilities of something going horribly wrong were larger.

As he opened his eyes, Rodney waited weary as he took in the sounds of the room. He was in a bed; it wasn’t a very comfortable bed. He was inside a small white room that only had the bed where he was lying on. Sheppard was nowhere to be seen, so Rodney did the only thing he could think at the moment… he went looking for the Colonel.

As Rodney walked out of the room he noticed that the main color everywhere was white; everything was white. The white antiseptic ambient was creepy, but Rodney ignored it and walked out into the hallway.

There was no one in sight, at least as far as Rodney could see. To his right there was a white fence; to his left the hallway continued almost endlessly. At the end of the hallway there was what it looked like a large lounge room.

As he got closer, Rodney noticed that there were people in the room. He slowly made his way towards the large lounge. Just as he entered the room, Rodney saw Elizabeth.

He did a double take. It sure looked like her, but this Elizabeth had longer hair and was pale as the snow. Right there Rodney had a horrible feeling; he was in a room full of people he considered friends. People he knew they weren’t with him when they were taken. So the alien’s research had gone a step further, they knew a bit more about them as individuals.

This Elizabeth was dancing to imaginary music. As he walked pass by her, he stared noticing familiar faces on the room. Teyla and a Wraithed Ford were playing with dolls. Strange dolls as Teyla held an Amazonian looking Barbie and Ford had a G.I Joe, complete with the standard Atlantis uniform, and the doll house; a perfect replica of the city of Atlantis.

Rodney made a big mental note; he decided to try not to think about Atlantis at all.

The place reminded him of a setting of a book he read long ago. But as he looked around, Sheppard was not in sight. Suddenly he heard the fence open; as he turned to look Carson had walked in. He just stared coldly at the group of people in the room and said, “Rodney McKay! You have a visitor.”

Rodney frowned, but said nothing. He identified himself and the Carson look-a-like lead him out of the room. Once outside, he walked down the large staircase, he noticed who was his so called visitor; his sister Jeannie.

Rodney decided to do as they’ve been doing; play along.

Jeannie gave him a small smile as he walked towards her. “Hello Rodney.” She said softly.

Rodney stopped, his sister rarely called him by that name. Still he remembered that he was only playing along, so he looked around. They were alone. “Hello Jeannie.”

“You look better. How do you feel?”

Jeannie led him towards a set of chairs and they sat down. He took a while to reply her question.

“Couldn’t been better…” he stopped himself. It was hard to play along when he didn’t know what they were really doing to him. Then he decided to add, “I’m being held hostage by a group of aliens who think this is a form of entertainment. How is your day?”

Virtual Jeannie frowned at Rodney, “Come on Mer, we’ve talked about this. You have to let that go. There’s no aliens, no secrets bases, nothing. Is just your mind playing nasty tricks at you.”

Rodney tilted his head as he took in her words, “What are you going to tell me next? That my friends are not real, that the last three years of my life had been a dream?”

“I’m not going through this again Mer. The doctor told us you were better, you’re obviously not.”

Rodney breathed deeply and replied, “What do you really want?”

That seemed to take her aback, “What do you mean?”

“You know exactly what I mean.” Rodney felt eerily calm, but given the situation his panic had weaned down long ago.

The fake Jeannie frowned for a moment, then relaxed. “Your confidence amuses me.”

Rodney’s face chanced, he knew that the fake Jeannie saw all the colors of the rainbow running through his face in a second. The aliens were somewhat letting the curtain down, still coming forward like this is something that Rodney didn’t expect so he reapeated. “What do you want?”

The alien Jeannie smirked and replied to Rodney. “I have ten different answers to that question. I doubt you will like any of them.”

“Where is Colonel Sheppard?”

“He’s no longer your concern.”

“Of course he’s my concern, he’s my friend and I want to know where he is.”

The alien Jeannie was about to reply to Rodney when the Carson look-a-like walked in the room. “Is time to go back McKay.”

“What if I don’t want to go back?” He said with more courage than what he really felt.

“Then we just…” The alien Carson stopped talking all of the sudden. Rodney was taken roughly by two big orderlies. Already walking up the stairs he noticed there was a sudden change in the aliens’ behavior.

Rodney was escorted back to the lounge room. Strangely Ronon was not part of this setting.

As he walked in the room, something weird happened. There was a flicker, like when you’re watching TV and the signal goes suddenly off and on in a second.

Then out of nowhere a Col. Caldwell look a like stood beside Rodney. He froze and stared at the man. Caldwell had a glazed look, but still he looked at Rodney. “You have to be careful. Aliens are among us; they watch us and probe us. There’s nothing we can do about it.”

“Okay….”Rodney moved away from Caldwell without uttering a word. The place was not real, the people were not real either. And yet he was missing the only one who was in this with him. Rodney scanned the room looking for Colonel Sheppard, but he couldn’t find him. People talked around him, but Rodney couldn’t understand a word. Then he started seeing shadows moving around the corners or disappearing in a blink of an eye.

Rodney stopped walking; he could not understand what was going on. He suddenly heard Sheppard’s voice. “This is a real one.”

“No is not!” Rodney answered instinctively. Then he realized he wasn’t talking to anyone, which made him feel like a true crazy person. Rodney shook his head and kept on walking through the room looking for Sheppard.

Then he found him, but was stunned with what he saw.

The Colonel sat on a chair at the end of the room. He was besides a big window and the light gave him a weird look. Rodney moved swiftly towards his friend. But when he arrived by Sheppard’s side Rodney knew that something was wrong.

Sheppard wore the same hospital attire as Rodney, but there were dark circles under his eyes and the Colonel didn’t even acknowledged Rodney’s presence. He was just staring at the outside.

“Sheppard?” Rodney called almost in fear.

Sheppard didn’t react to Rodney; he just kept on staring out the window. Rodney moved to grab Sheppard on the shoulder, but the Colonel finally reacted when he grabbed Rodney’s wrist. “Don’t touch me.”

“What’s wrong?” Rodney asked in concern.

To which John turned his unfocused gaze towards his friend and said, “I am not me.”


Sheppard released Rodney’s wrist and started to become agitated. He dropped his head to his hands and then followed to cover his ears.

“Something is wrong. I feel as if I’m in two places at once, both stretching me thin.”

Rodney wasn’t sure of what to do; he stayed still trying to think of something. But before his mind came up with anything, Sheppard looked at Rodney with a panicked expression. “They’re inside my brain. With their bugs and plugs, the drugs and dreams…. Please make them stop!”

Rodney was taken aback by the Colonel’s reaction, he really didn’t know what to do or say. If the aliens were in fact messing with Sheppard’s head, there was nothing Rodney could do.

Sheppard double over and rested his forehead on his knees. Rodney walked back until he hit the wall. Then he slid down until he sat on the floor right in front of Sheppard.

“They’re planning something.” Sheppard said without bothering to look up.

To which Rodney replied, “Of course they are, they’re the evil giant aliens who like to recreate crappy movies in their realistic virtual environment.”

Sheppard glanced at Rodney for a moment. “I’m afraid.”

Rodney frowned, he knew the Colonel well enough to know that in his right mind Sheppard was not a man of fear. They had been in situations that merited screaming for dear life and yet Sheppard always kept his cool and remained as calmed as possible. Now to hear him say the words made Rodney wonder if the Sheppard in front of him was the real one or just a trick of their captors.

Rodney took another glance around the room, seeing his friends and coworkers as a mere illusion creeped him out. Because they looked like the people he cared for, but they were not them. So even if he was among friendly faces, he was alone.

Sitting there made, Rodney feel tired for the first time, and now that he thought of it he was feeling weak too. Everything felt odd; this time the scenario was not playing flawlessly. Rodney was very aware that something was wrong, especially when he started to feel dizzy.

“I wonder how our bodies are doing.” Rodney thought out loud. “ They must be keeping us alive by some way, I’m just hoping that someone in the village saw what happened. If not, we’re so screwed. If they keep us here, I don’t see us escaping… ever…”

Suddenly John looked up and said, “Shut up! The plugs are trying to mate.”


“The plugs… they mate.” John replied pointing to his head.

If it wasn’t for their situation, that would have been funny. “Well if the plugs mate; that can’t be good.”

“No, it’s not good. It means we’re stuck.”

Now Rodney was almost sure that if that was the real Sheppard in front of him, the creatures were certainly messing up with him in order to throw them both off balance. “We’re not stuck, there’s always a way out. But we might need to wait a bit longer if we’re going to find it by ourselves.” Rodney replied with an annoyed tone in his voice.

Sheppard started rocking back and forth. “Has it crossed your mind that it might be impossible to escape? They have dogs and fences, sticks and very sharp nails.”

“You’re making no sense, now shut up I’m trying to think here.”

The glare that Sheppard threw his way was one of death. Rodney stared back feeling apprehensive. But before he figured out Sheppard’s intentions, there was a loud scream throughout the room. No one seemed to notice the scream, but it was as if a girl was screaming for dear life. Rodney looked around trying to figure out what was going on, when he suddenly felt a pair of hands on his neck. It felt just like the aliens hands; warm and sticky, but instead it was the Colonel. And he had his hands around Rodney’s throat.

Rodney fought back and shouted, “ Sheppard, stop! You don’t know what you’re doing.”

Sheppard stopped for a moment but kept his murderous stare on Rodney. “Maybe if we die enough times, we might die for real.”

Sheppard’s eyes changed, they looked more like the eyes of their captors.

“I don’t want to die.” Rodney shouted in between gasps. But that seemed to fuel the Colonel. He kept his hands on Rodney’s neck.

Rodney was beginning to feel his vision graying when suddenly they were almost attacked by orderlies and nurses. Alien Carson stared at them coldly. “We wanted to make this easy on yourselves, your overconfidence and arrogance will be your undoing.”

The orderlies grabbed them both roughly and dragged them out of the room. Suddenly Rodney started to get again the feeling that the place was flickering, but this time he saw the lab and some of the aliens in their true form.

But that only lasted for about a second. On their way out, Rodney noticed that Alien Weir followed them, she also had alien eyes. And as they went through the fence she followed them, stopped at the fence and screamed, “The virus within, we know you have it!”

Rodney had no clue what was she talking about, but that seemed to fuel Sheppard and he began to fight against the men holding him. They all approached the large staircase; those holding Rodney moved to get him down the stairs, while they took Sheppard somewhere else. But maybe they let it happen, or it was just plain bad luck. Sheppard was able to shake off the men holding him and launched himself once again against Rodney. He went for Rodney’s throat again, but in the heat of the fight, Rodney hit Sheppard on the ribs.

The Colonel let go of Rodney and then Rodney did something that he will question for quite some time. After Sheppard let go of his neck, Rodney kicked Sheppard on the chest, the hit left the Colonel breathless. But at the same time, he lost his balance and fell back, down the stairs.

Rodney couldn’t help to feel guilty for the fake death. But his mind wasn’t allowed to dwell in guilt as the hospital staff basically ambushed him and he was instantly pinned down on the floor. Then he cursed as he felt the little prick of a needle going into his right thigh. He cursed again, because he learned that every injury, pain, feeling and death felt so real in this place that if they continued like this in the end they would lose miserably.

Rodney’s world became a spin as the phantom drug made its presence known.
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katstale: not good johnkatstale on February 25th, 2007 06:41 am (UTC)
Wow, creeeeepy--LOVED it! The starkness of the white and the oddities of the familiar people really lent an eerie feel to this one. I can't wait to see what you do with it next...

Poor Rodney! Will Lizzie the Weir(d) get her little alien claws into him and give Alien-hussy-bimbo from the last chapter a run for her money? And will he figure out what the cryptic accusation about the virus means or will he go into anaphylactic shock from all the Alien Luuurve Fruits the two foist upon him? Or will Lizzie the Weir(d) remain on her side of The Fence, love-struck and pining away for her Favorite Physicist?

And JOHN! OMG! Whatever have the Creepy Critters done to our poor hero?! Have they permanently mushed the Mensa mind we all love? And more importantly--did they harm The Hair? 'Cause if they did, forget the Satedan--*I* will be forced to go cap their Creepy Critter asses meself! And-and-and was Rodney pushing the Poor Woobie down the stairs *really* an accident? And why was Poor Woobie throttling the intrepid physicist? Was it really the Creepy Critter influence or did he finally reach the end of his proverbial rope with the constant whining and moaning? And what will the Creepy-Critter drug do to poor Rodney? Will it pickle the perfect McKay brain and doom Atlantis (along with the expedition members) forever?

Will be tuning for the answers to these and other pressing questions in the next installment of...::insert deep echo-y announcer-person voice here:: Reality is on the Other Side of the Fence... ::/deep echo-y announcer-person voice::
Belisse: grande lattebelisse on March 9th, 2007 02:24 pm (UTC)
Ok, is official your reviews are just gold.

If you keep going like this I'm going to have to ask you to beta my SGA soap opera parody, just to see if I can ever finish it. LOL

Thanks again for the priceless review. :D