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29 July 2007 @ 02:48 pm
I'm writing! YAY!  
Actually, here's a new overdue chapter of my SGA fic Realty is on the other side of the fence

A/N: I apologize for the delay once again. It seems that RL want to remove all my fandom activities from my life. Still I do want to finish this thing. So I hope someone enjoys it.

This is not as long as I hoped, but hopefully:crosses fingers: I’ll update sooner than before.

XI. Wake up darling

Before he opened his eyes John Sheppard wondered if it was worth it anymore. Every time he did, they were sent to ridiculous scenarios. He was tired, his body ached to the bone and strangely he felt hungry. As he opened his eyes he realized that he was lying on his side on the table the aliens had dropped him on. Right beside him, in another table Rodney was lying unconscious.

John tried to move, he ached as if someone had beaten him to a pulp. He could still feel the metal device attached to his back. John looked around and noticed that he was now dressed in what it looked like a hospital gown. But it was the same material as the clothes of the aliens. He moved but couldn’t sit up, so he slid off the table. But when he reached the floor his legs gave away and he fell.

Sitting now on the floor, John looked around. Their clothes were scattered around the room. Then he looked towards Rodney.

Rodney was paler than usual, fearing the worst John moved closer to him. It was difficult, but John managed to stand up and slowly walk towards his friend. He moved Rodney a couple of times, which only lead to a couple of low moans. John placed his hand on Rodney’s shoulder and shook again. “Rodney, come on. Wake up. This is a real one.”

“No is not.” Rodney replied so soft it was almost slurred.

At this point, John moved him into a sitting position. Rodney opened his eyes for a moment; John took this moment to move Rodney out of the table. It was pretty clear that he wasn’t ok, but anyway John helped his friend get off the table. Strangely he was feeling better by the minute. Rodney was barely conscious and was mumbling incoherently. John knew that escaping was going to be difficult, but maybe getting away from the alien’s grasp will give them enough time to think of something.

They had a window of opportunity and he was going to take it.

With Rodney secured in his grasp, John walked out of the room. The scientist seemed as if he was on automatic. The phrase, “the lights are on, but there’s nobody home” seemed to fit perfectly. John maintained his pace, he wanted to make sure that they were out of harm’s way by the time their captors found out they were gone.

The hallways were completely empty. John went around corners, and through doors hoping to find anything that indicated the existence of an outside world. He needed something, a window, a door, even hopefully a working Stargate.

But all scenarios pictured an escape far too easy. He was so deep within his thoughts that he jumped as he heard someone, “Colonel Sheppard!” John moved against the opposite wall from where the voice had come from. But as he stared he realized that it was the girl from the village; Ilona.

“Colonel,” Ilona repeated as she walked towards the window in her little cell. “Please don’t leave me here.”

“Do you know where we are?”

Ilona shook her head while John looked around the door frame. There were two little buttons; one yellow and one orange. “I don’t suppose you know which one I should press.”

“No, sorry.” She replied, there was a momentary silence, and then Ilona spoke again. “Do you know what happened? I was trying to get into the forest when I crossed paths with one of those creatures. Then I can’t remember anymore.”

John shifted a bit trying to hold on to Rodney. “Sorry, I know as much as you do.” He stared at the buttons once more, he had to decide quickly. “Here goes nothing…” John whispered as he pressed the orange button. The door opened silently and in a moment Ilona was helping him carrying Rodney. She was still in her clothes and had some gashes on her face. Even though she wasn’t very tall, carrying Rodney with her became much easier.

But with each step, carrying Rodney was becoming far more difficult. Rodney was loosing the little consciousness he had, and they still were out in the open. John stopped for a moment; they were reaching a crossing in the hallway. He had now three different ways to walk to, three different ways his escape could go horribly wrong and three different ways into which he could picture a hundred things going horribly bad.

Ilona was looking at him, waiting. Then he moved; what was going to happen then it was going to happen either if he kept going forward or if he hid under a table. As they got closer to the crossing Rodney whispered, “I don’t want to die.”

John had a bad feeling, but he replied nonetheless, “we’re not going to die Rodney.”

But as they reached the crossing three large creatures were waiting for them. John backed away from the creatures only to bump into another on his back. This one grabbed Rodney by the neck as Ilona screamed trying to get away from the alien. John looked around; the one holding Rodney had spots on his skin.

Ilona was roughly taken by the neck by a darker creature. This seemed to fuel something in the girl. She started trashing in the aliens grasp as fiercely as a wild animal would. There was no use in saying something to her, no words would sooth her or calm her down. Inside John knew what she felt. He was feeling it at the very moment, but something held him down. It was keeping his frustrations and his anger at the creatures at bay.

Maybe it was despair, or fear of what would happen next. It made it worse seeing the creatures not talking to each other or to them.

Then the one holding Rodney moved away. And the creature holding Ilona pressed his free hand over her face and she stopped fighting. Once Ilona was out, the creature walked away, leaving John with another two creatures. Then very suddenly the white creature was by his side, taking him roughly by the arm. The alien was almost dragging him. John looked around and saw the entrance to the lab where he just woke up minutes ago. He resisted, but it didn’t do a thing. The creature was ten time stronger and he was weak by the whole machine in the back/virtual environments ordeal.

But as they walked into the lab, John realized something; Rodney wasn’t there. “Wait! Where’s Rodney? Where is my friend?” And then his chest filled with fear as he heard the low guttural voice answering back, “Why do you care?”

At that moment, the creature pushed John against the table he had previously occupied. John quickly turned around staring at the creature, “Tell me! What have you done with him?”

“He’s somewhere else.” The alien replied lazily.

“Why?” There was silence, John continued, “What do you want?”

The alien seemed to consider John’s request, “He was not supposed to wake up. We did not foresee that you would go as far as you did.”

“And the girl?” John asked quickly.

“She is with him.” The creature started moving towards John, “And now, you and I….” The creature was now in front of him, “we are going to have a little talk.”

The next thing John knew, he was roughly thrown back into the table. There were no need for restraints; the creature’s brain seemed to do the entire job. For once, John wished he could retaliate the same way. Make them feel, what he was feeling.

“Why have you returned?”

John frowned, “I have never been here or near you before.”

The slit pupils contracted a bit as it examined John, and then the alien stood up straighter. “Why has your kind returned to this galaxy?”

“There are humans in this galaxy; they have been here for a very long time.” John replied trying to make sense of the question.

The creature moved to the side of the table. “Not humans, Lanteans. Why has your kind returned, I thought we made clear what would happen if we saw you again.”

John let out a small laugh; it was more from panic than amusement. “Seriously, I have no idea of what you’re talking about.”

There was no warning, the creature move its hand and placed it on John’s right foot. What he felt next made him tremble to the core. It was as if his skin was on fire, as if the alien was taking the pleasure of skinning his foot inch by inch.

And then it stopped. The creature had removed its hand from John’s foot. “You stole something from us, we want it back.”

“Honestly, I don’t know what you’re talking about! We come from a planet very far away, and those you call Lanteans are now extinct.”

“Interesting, then tell me, why is your genetic material the same as theirs?”

John kept quiet; he didn’t know how much more this creature should know about them, about the gene or Atlantis. But that was a mistake, the creature followed to place its hand on John’s thigh. The burning pain returned in an instant, he knew he was screaming this time. This was no macho thing, or a place where bargaining could help you. The creatures didn’t have any known alliances or weaknesses he knew of. There was nothing he could say to postpone them reaching their goal; whatever it was.
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