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01 December 2007 @ 10:33 am
FIC: And then the bad guys were high 08/??  
A/N: after more than a year of silence, I have no excuse. But my imagination seemed to have disappeared. It’s even sadder when I looked back into this fic and the series it belongs and it came to a point where I couldn’t remember I had written it. Is very sad… really.

Anyways, for some reason I feel like writing tonight and there’s half of another chapter in the way. I hope this writing phase will last longer than before.

Chapter VII

Everything had been going well; Major Marcus Lorne was just about to finish his shift and just wanted to get ready to go to the party. Maybe have a few beers, a few laughs and then go to sleep. He had just surveyed the gate room, when he had moved to talk with Sgt. Chuck Robinson, the gate technician. But as he walked in closer to the console, he barely felt a sting on his neck. Before he realized what just happened the room spun wildly and he fell to the floor.

When Lorne woke up, it was because someone had just kicked him on the legs. He had hoped in some way that he just had a nightmare. But as he opened his eyes, Lorne cursed, Genii soldiers filled the gate room.

He cursed again.

Before being drugged the gateroom had just the essential crew, there were just a handful of teams off world as most of the people were on the city. But at the moment as Lorne took a careful look around. There were at least ten more people around him. All of them were working on the gateroom at the moment of takeover. Now someone else was being added to the group, a young woman Lorne recognized as the girl who worked in the laundry room. A massive headache stated to annoy Lorne; life in the Pegasus galaxy certainly was special.

The group had been gathered on the far left corner of the second level of the control room. Lorne received another kick to his legs, as their guard passed by. He finally decided to move and look up. A tall Genii guard was the one offering the kicks. His hair was brown and his eyes were sparkling blue, the man continued kicking the captives until everyone was awakened; except for the young girl.

The Genii guard moved in and shook her a few times, which only resulted on a slurred mumble. This resulted in a slap to her face. The young woman moved startled and said, “I’m up.”

Lorne knew that the Genii were trouble. He had read the reports of the first attack. Now it was just a matter of time to see how it all played out. They had come out victorious the last time. But back then was just by a thread, so Major Lorne just didn’t know which side was going to have the bad night.

Lorne noticed a satisfied look on the Genii guard, as he backed away while Stella seemed to try to keep awake. The Major felt sorry for her, the poor girl was probably caught up on her way to the party. Now someone who never goes off world has to deal with being in the center of a fight with people from another planet.

When she finally opened her eyes she stared at Sergeant Robinson. “I know you….”

“Yes you do Stella. Do you think you can stay awake?” Chuck asked her softly.

Stella looked around in confusion. “I think I’m going to be sick.”

At that moment everyone took a step back, leaving only Chuck by her side. Major Lorne moved to sit against the wall, that way he could have a better view of their captors. The guard was talking on the radio with someone named Acteon. Once he finished the guard turned towards the group.

“I know that with the exception of her,” Their guard suddenly started as he pointed at Stella, “it was one of you who decided to shut down the console capable of detecting life signs in the city. Now the thing is blocked I want one of you to undo it!”

There was a momentary silence. Lorne knew that his co-workers were not easily scared. The guard seemed to be expecting this, and then from his pocket he took out a small device and placed it against the hand of the first prisoner.


Then he moved to the person right next to him. Again; nothing.

Lorne knew they were screwed; it didn’t matter that no one had the gene. He had it. And there he was, just at the end of the line.

Then the guard placed the device in Stella’s hand; it glowed. Translucent blue filled the room and at that precise moment she passed out.

Chuck moved Stella, shaking her slightly. As she opened her eyes, Stella giggled and looked around. When her eyes fell on the guard she said, “And you are?”

The guard didn’t seem to mind the question as he stood up right as he replied, “I am Jole of the Genii and you have to…”

Before he finished she laughed again. “What kind of a name is that?”

Eyes darted around the room; everyone was giving the scene a bewildered look. Then without saying anything Jole moved in and took her by the arm; he pulled her savagely to her feet. But Stella only swayed and fell to her knees, without making a sound. She then placed her hands on the floor and stared down.

Lorne frowned and glanced at Chuck, then back at Stella. Jole pulled her to her feet again, but Stella could barely maintain her balance. Jole looked at the rest of the group while he held her standing. “What’s wrong with her?”

Chuck shrugged and glanced at Lorne. Lorne was doing some quick thinking, everyone else in the group were annoyed and cranky because of the drug but no one like Stella. “She may be having a reaction to your drug.” Lorne’s eyes fell on Stella. “Stella, what were you doing before they found you?”

Stella rubbed her eyes and replied, “I was…” She was silent for a minute, and then she smiled, “hitting the happy juice.”

Jole gave the group a questioning glare. “What does that means?”

Chuck and Lorne exchanged glances, and then Chuck answered. “She was drinking with the others.”

Stella swayed again and fell flat on her ass. But that didn’t stop her from replying. “Yep, I was drinking with Sgt. Camji and Pvt. Rodriguez, until Kavanagh decided to ruin my night…” Jole grabbed her once again by the arm and pulled her up. Stella kept on talking. “…Telling me to do mankind a favor and leave the male race alone, that it was enough that I had poisoned Bates….” Jole now moved her to the nearest seat. And with a violent gesture she finished, “I should have ripped out that pony tail of his when I had the chance….”

Chuck looked at Lorne. Lorne just rubbed his eyes. “She’s high…” he said more to himself than anyone else.

Jole moved Stella towards the chair and sat her down in front of a console. “Turn this on!”

“No, you don’t turn me on.” Stella said frowning.


Stella smirked. “You’re cute pal, but I don’t go for evil henchmen.”

Jole grabbed Stella by the hair and said to her ear. “Turn the console on. NOW!”

Stella's eyes opened as she understood the request but then they changed to worry. “Oh…. But, I don’t know how.”

“I don’t care! You have the gene; do it.”

“She really doesn’t know; she works somewhere else in the city.” Chuck said as he tried to move towards them.

“I don’t care, she has the gene.” Jole said as he pointed his gun towards the Sergeant.

To which Stella let out a soft laugh. “I’m not that good or courageous.”

Jole grabbed Stella by the back of her head and he almost slammed her face to the console as he pushed forward. “Turn the console on!”

Stella stared at the crystals and just stayed there.

Then a voice from behind Jole asked, “What’s going on Jole?”

Jole’s eyes opened wide, and then he turned around and replied. “Nothing sir, everything is under control.”

Stella started laughing out loud; Chuck acted quickly and covered her mouth. The man questioning Jole was no other than Commander Kolya. Jole just kept on talking practically ignoring the almost hysterical laughs behind him. Once Kolya was gone, Jole quickly turned around, which made the Sergeant let go of Stella.

Chuck returned to his original position, but as the soldiers on both sides exchanged glances. Stella was now with her head back and completely asleep.

Jole gave her a slap in the head, which made her jump in surprise. “Do as I told you or they will suffer the consequences.”

Stella looked at the console, she just stared at it until everything went black again and her forehead hit the console. Lorne moved in to help her, but Jole pointed his gun at the Major and grabbed her first. He pulled Stella by the hair, waking her up roughly.

“Ahhh… do you really have to pull that hard?” Stella said annoyed.

Jole had enough and slapped Stella, hard. “If you don’t do as I told, I will kill them and leave you for last.”

Stella remained frozen; she touched her face and discovered that Jole had managed to split her bottom lip.

In the blink of an eye, Stella moved and had grabbed a crystal from the console. She was hitting Jole across the face. Maj. Lorne and Sgt. Robinson were quickly on their feet; one grabbed her by the waist pulling her away from the now furious Jole. The other grabbed the piece of crystal away from her, but not before Stella managed a second slap.

Jole was left momentarily frozen; his face was red, which accented the fresh cuts on his left cheek.

Everyone was now staring at the furious Genii guard, just as he took out his weapon and pointed it at Stella.


Colonel Sheppard was now walking right into the open shooting up guards with his stun gun.

Ronon went completely still for a moment, trying to decide what to do. Then when his attention was called to the fight on the control center Ronon made his decision. Sheppard knew what he was dealing with, Ronon didn’t.

He ran.

Moved with the shadows until he was almost in front of the guard pointing his gun at the young woman Sheppard had introduced to him earlier.

Ronon was faster, the guard was stunned and commotion erupted everywhere. Ronon could hear shots being fired close by, but they were not directed towards him. Changing his gun from stun to kill, he shot two more guards as the kidnapped left the control room. Once the last person was out, Ronon turned as a stunner was fired in his direction. Then he saw Colonel Sheppard.

For a second Ronon considered helping him, but Sheppard was ahead of his own thoughts when he screamed, “Ronon, help them!”

Ronon killed another Genii guard, and then Sheppard screamed again, “Go! That’s an order!”

For some reason Ronon followed the order against his instinct. As he moved away from the battle he found the group, and as he found Major Lorne, Ronon said, “We need one of those Ancient detectors.”

“Most of them are in the armory and Kolya’s men are probably already taking guard over there. But we may find one on the Jumper bay, but we’re going to need weapons.”

Ronon started walking and a loud thud made him stop. As he turned around Stella was on the floor, unconscious. Sgt. Robinson and another technician picked Stella up and started carrying her.

Ronon groaned; things were going to move slower than he liked. Without a second thought, he regrouped his thoughts and started walking. He led the group to the safest place he could think of; he was going towards his room.

One thing he didn’t like was being caught off guard. He never expected the attack, but one thing was for certain, he was prepared.


The group stuck on the mess hall was quiet. A lot of guards were keeping an eye to the place. Rodney and Teyla were sitting together looking at their captors. It had been fifteen minutes since they had taken Elizabeth and the inactivity was beginning to worry them.

Teyla tried to keep calm reassuring herself that Ronon and the Colonel weren’t captive. They will think of something to help everyone. Her thoughts were interrupted as Colonel Caldwell walked towards them. “What can we expect from these people?”

Teyla looked at the Colonel and Rodney answered for her, “Nothing good.”

Instinctively Rodney touched his arm and said nothing else. Caldwell kept silent and sat down beside them.

Suddenly something happened, the every Genii radio exploded in shouting and orders. Half the guards left the mess hall, someone was clearly causing trouble. Rodney moved closer to her, “What do you think? Sheppard or Ronon?”

Teyla listened to the noise and smirked, “Both.”

She looked around the room, counting the guards left on the room. Then her gaze fell on the entrance of the kitchens. “Rodney, do you remember how to open the back door of the kitchen?”

“Of course I do… why?”

At this point Caldwell was staring at her too.

Teyla turned to look at them and explained her plan.

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