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01 December 2007 @ 11:55 am
well, sort of.

I just changed the layout because the old one was horrible. I don't know what was I thinking. Yes, I know it looks like my regular LJ, but that's the beauty of it. I love this layout, just in different colors.

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01 December 2007 @ 10:33 am
A/N: after more than a year of silence, I have no excuse. But my imagination seemed to have disappeared. It’s even sadder when I looked back into this fic and the series it belongs and it came to a point where I couldn’t remember I had written it. Is very sad… really.

Anyways, for some reason I feel like writing tonight and there’s half of another chapter in the way. I hope this writing phase will last longer than before.

Chapter VIIRead more...Collapse )
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A/N: It's been too long but I needed to post something. I’ve been fighting with the bunnies for the past two weeks, begging them to allow me to finish this. I finally have…. all 11 pages of it.

I hope someone enjoys it!

Chapter XII: In the middle of the mess.
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29 July 2007 @ 02:48 pm
Actually, here's a new overdue chapter of my SGA fic Realty is on the other side of the fence

A/N: I apologize for the delay once again. It seems that RL want to remove all my fandom activities from my life. Still I do want to finish this thing. So I hope someone enjoys it.

This is not as long as I hoped, but hopefully:crosses fingers: I’ll update sooner than before.

XI. Wake up darlingRead more...Collapse )
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A/N: Sorry for how long this has taken me. The bunnies haven’t been completely faithful. Also, I seem to only be able to write during the mornings on the days I work. That doesn’t give me much time to actually do a lot.

Anyways, thanks to Illman for all your imput and Katstale for your patience.


Chapter X: The aliens at the gateRead more...Collapse )
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A/N: New chapter, this is not a repost from the last time. Read it and enjoy it. Feedback is welcomed.

IX. The Loony WithinRead more...Collapse )
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Ten pages long... I hope I'm making someone happy.


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Chapter VI: Ghosts of the PastRead more...Collapse )
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IV: Encounters

One day ago…Read more...Collapse )
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Title: Reality is on the other side of the fence.

Genre: H/C, Action/Adventure, Drama, Angst, AU… you name it.

Rating: PG-13

Summary: Meeting new cultures and creatures is always a good thing, until they encounter the ones that don’t like new creatures arriving at their galaxy.

Warnings: Torture, violence, story out of normal chronology.

Disclaimer: I don't own them, I only wish I did this is just for fun.

A/N: Previously Parents of the Wicked, I tried… I really tried. But apparently there’s no way I can post this story as a finished fic and not a WIP. So, I’m choosing the WIP path once again. But this time I have a large outline of how the story is going to go and how is going to get there. There are some things that still elude me but I realized that I work better on fics when I post as a WIP.

Because this one is driving me CRAZY!!! So I decided to give it one last try. Hopefully I get it off of my head and I'll be able to move on.

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